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Whether you are a web developer, a newbie or a seasoned professional programmer, you need a substantial amount of time to develop your website. The first step in the formal process is to name and register your website domain. This is one of the most neglected (yet important) aspects of a website development. This blog will help you in defining their end goal as a web developer and not get stuck in the vast sea of web hosting servers out there on the internet.

Cheap domain name registration can be a tricky subject with so many players offering domainregistrar services. At times it requires a lot of research to select the best service for your domain name registration (which is often neglected by non-seasoned web developers).

Have you thought about where to host your web page from? Where to find the ideal name from? Website Builder? The best option to do it from scratch is to use a user friendly platform called a content management system which enables you to select pre-set templates. The most widely used platforms are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla but we would like to suggest a better domain which has a better cost to service ratio of website building.

MultipleNames provide a large variety of domain name extensions and various other services which will be explained in detail in this page.

MultipleNames come next to none when it is about helping in choosing a domain name. The website is really affordable, has excellent customer service and offers many other services far better than all others claiming such services in the same price range. After you register your domain name, the next step is pointing it to a web hosting so your website is available on the internet for the user to access. Most domain providers are also web hosting providers. This facility is also available at MultipleNames. The next logical step is to setup your domain settings, which will take about 24 hours to set up.

The major services that this web domain server provides include registration of your domain name. It also provides e-commerce solutions for people setting up their business or the internet on their newly developed websites. The email facility is state of the art, with a professional looking personal ID and spam free inbox with special filters designed to keep out all the junk which will eventually save your time. The website registrant on this host provide security certificates which include SSL certificates. Not only this, the web domain server provides security options as well, which provide privacy and protection to your web page from spam and spoofing.

MultipleNames is one of the smart website that provides the price comparisons with all other major servers on their website. Special discounts are also available for different services along with expert advice in whatever domain you choose. Therefore, if you are looking for domain name registration, you don’t have to look any further. Just log on to and make the best internet domain name registration decision of your life.

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