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Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Make Your Sites Search Engine friendly!
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Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility promotes your business online and makes it easily searchable on internet. It is responsible for increasing traffic to your website. You can make lots of business through this. The best part is that in order to make your business website more visible on internet, you don’t require technical expertise. All you need to know is to click and type. The search engine visibility also works with Safari. Mac users also take benefits of this. also includes the most comprehensive search engine visibility help system that offers useful tips and guidance and detailed information and tutorial on the subject of search engine optimization and how to use it to increase your business online.

Contact Manager

Are you sick of unorganized files, folders, print-outs, invoices and emails? Do you find it difficult to search for a specific mail when you need it so urgently? You no longer need to worry. Gone are the days when you had to face all this confusion. With our Contact Relationship Manager, now you can consolidate all important contact details of your clients, suppliers, creditors and debtors at one place.

You can also view old mails with our easy-to-use Contact Relationship Manager. It helps you remember when you need to follow up with your current clients and prospects. With this amazing manager, you can see a remarkable increase in your sales and profits.

Site Surveys

With our quick and clean web survey application, you can check out the opinions of your audience, customers, friends, users and associates. This can be used for a fresh perspective and to maintain a loyal following.

Express Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential market campaigning tool in order to advertise your product. The need is to send an interesting and appealing mail that can be easily understood to a particular segment of people. The last thing you would want to be marked it as a spam from your perspective customers. With this particular service, it will go as a routine mail rather than a spam mail.

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